Casey + Brooke Wedding

What a privilege it was to capture the moments from this wedding! The beautiful Mariposa mountains, and the rustic Bohemian feel of the decorations perfectly complemented and romanced the family ranch setting for Casey and Brooke’s big day. They spent months working on the ranch, turning it from an old, unused piece of land to a beautiful area for  the ceremony and reception. Hand sliced wood rounds, pinecones and succulents, vintage books and antique bottles, were perfectly accented by the beautiful lace and wispy draped fabrics. The decorations gave a nod to the past, and created a timeless elegance that was deeply romantic and moving.

Photography | Corona Images
Wedding Dress | Free People
Bridesmaid Dresses | Free People
Wedding Cake | Made by Family of the Bride
Location | Bumgardner Ranch, Mariposa, CA
Written by | Emily Croft ~ for Corona Images
Fall | 2015
Website |


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