Meet my daughter, Saidi.  She is 8.  And she is beautiful.  Saidi is my middle child.  She is compassionate, sweet, caring, intelligent, and amazing.  She loves to read, sing, create art, play with her brother and sister, and loves to spend time with her friends.  Saidi modeled for me the other day, while I was practicing my lighting and she nailed it!  But when I was looking at her pictures, it made me stop and think… where is my little girl?!  This beautiful young woman in these photos looks so grown.  As I think of how she is growing, I also notice her changing.  She still loves dolls and toys, but she also likes to play on the computer.  She is singing along to the songs on the radio (although it is mostly the Kidz BOP versions that she knows) and she also likes to talk on the phone… a lot!  It is crazy how quickly our children grow and move from one stage of life to the next.  I am so grateful to be her mother and to have her beautiful spirit in my life. ❤